Esperia Course (*Please reserve in advance)


  • Chef's special antipasto — assortment of appetizers
  • Pasta (Select one from the menu)
  • Main (Select one from the menu)
  • Dessert of cheese of your choice
  • Coffee

Chef's Omakase Special Cheese Course


Enjoy a variety of cheeses with Chef Mori's special cheese course. Portions are a ltitle smaller so that you can enjoy a range of flavors and textures.
  • 1st appetizer
  • 2nd appetizer
  • 3rd appetizer
  • Pasta
  • Risotto
  • Main
  • Dessert
  • Beverage

Dinner – À La Carte

Appetizers – Antipasto

Salad Revolution!
Esperia's award-winning signature dish, created by "Cheese Chevalier" Chef Katsuaki Mori. Chef Mori's expertise with cheese is displayed in this superb hot cheese sauce. A totally unique and delicious way to savor salad.
Shrimp, avocado and mozzarella cheese salad, with gaspacho-style sauce ¥1,600
Oven-roasted Swiss raclette cheese served with proscuitto ¥1,600
Scallops and mushrooms in a Piemonte-style cream sauce with garlic and anchovies ¥1,600


Peperonchini-style fedilini with karasumi dried mullet roe, tonburi land caviar and tobiko flying fish roe ¥1,500
Fedilini with pepper paste and zucchini - Calabria style ¥1,500
Linguine with octopus and basil, served with Italian arrabbiata sauce and piccole mozzarella cheese ¥1,500
Penette with fragrant Gorgonzola cheese and tomato sauce ¥1,500
"Époisses" risotto, a dish much admired by the famous gourmand Brillat-Savarin
(Esperia course: +300)


Today's fish and mushrooms bollito
Rosemary-accented, Yamanashi free-range roast chicken
Lemon-accented, Milan-style Tochigi herb pork cutlet
Roasted Tochigi herb pork with rosemary, served with lemon
Tagliata-style Iwate beef filet served with lemon and olive oil
(Esperia course: +¥1200)